Board of Assessors

Office Hours: Saturday 9-11 am. By Appointment: Thursday 5-7; Saturday 11-12.
Assessors’ Clerk Hours: Friday 2-4 pm.
Phone: 623-8966; Fax: 623-6108
Address: PO Box 206, Middlefield, MA 01243
Use only above numbers when communicating with the Board – do not call homes of individual members.

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Member Title Term
Laura Lafreniere
Gita Jozsef, MAA
Ann Marie Visconti

Assessors’ Clerk: Laura Lafreniere
Meeting times: 3rd Saturday of month @ 9:30 am, and on call of Chair; held as per approved guidelines
Term: Elected for 3 years at the Annual Town Meeting
Mailing Address: PO Box 206, Middlefield, MA 01243

Middlefield GIS

To create an abutters report for a parcel:

  1. Enter “Search for:” text under Find.
  2. Click Find Owner, Find Address, or Find Parcel ID.
  3. Click on the parcel from the list.
  4. Enter the “distance (ft)” and then click Select