Member Title
Stephen Harris Webmaster

The webmaster is responsible for designing and maintaining the town website via InMotion Hosting, including regular updates to WordPress software, installed plugins, user access, posted documents, site announcements, and the content of various pages such as Assessor’s maps. The Webmaster also updates community events and other announcements on the home page, and provides boards and committees the means to post their meetings and upload their minutes, with instructions on how to do so.

The webmaster further oversees our added comprehensive security system with firewall protection and daily scans, including the interception of scores of hacking attacks, overseeing automatic backup/restore, website maintenance via InMotion Hosting, including all town email accounts.

Other related tasks include maintaining broadband, WiFi and cellular services at the town hall and senior center, procuring and maintaining town computers, seeing that all critical computers are backed up on a continuous basis, maintain the AV system in the Town Hall auditorium, and providing user instructions.

Term: Appointed by the Selectboard for a term of one year.
Email: webmaster@middlefieldma.net